With years of experience our team is always ready to provide you with cutting edge metal- and environmental technology solutions!
Hartford (2005)

CNC Mill / Hartford (2005)

Dimension x-y-z (3000-1000-1070)
Stable machine with 50 cone
Magnet table
4 axles


CNC lathe / Biglia B 1250 Y (2020)

New and fine lathe that fits perfectly for relatively large parts
Revolver with rotating tool
Support bearings


Welding robot station / F Emet (2001)

Fanuc control
500 A
12 Axles
Movement: 6500 x 1700 x 1700 (+ robot movement)

Bandsåg Helautomat

Band saw fully automatic (2008)

Fully automatic saw that can handle large and small profiles

Bandsåg MEP halvautomat 2002

Band saw MEP (2002)

Band saw MEP semi-automatic

Rullbockar Pema 500- 4500mm 2006

Roller beds / Pema (2006)

For welding round parts
Diameter: 500-4500mm 


Welding table / Siegmund

With these stable and modular welding tables, we can manufacture large products to a high fit

Fine ray plasma (plasma-cutter) / F Emet 360 A

Fanuc control
With this machine we can cut up to 50mm sheet metal (steel)
Production area 7000x2700mm 

Durma kantpress

Pressbrake / Durma (2008)

400 tons
4 m 
6 axles
HD Backstroke


Sheet metal scissors Aliko (1998)

Sheet metal scissors Aliko 16/ 3000

Valsmaskin MG314

Rollingmachine / MG314

Rollingmachine MG 3000 14mm with support for sheet metal on two sides


Profile bending machine / Tauring (2005)

With this machine we roll different pipes and profiles
Max pipe size: 80x60x5mm

Universial stansmaskin Geka 70

Universal punching machine



75 tons

Filter Donaldsson 16000 m3/h 2009

Filter Donaldsson (2009)

Filter Donaldsson 16000 m3/h

Finlands Starkaste Platinum


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