Environmental engineering

bild 30
Tipping pit with structured frame walls, seen from the bottom floor, located under the walking floor. “We made the walking floor ready as one unit and lifted the whole assembly into place in one single operation.  This was a real special-transport”.
bild 29
Rising-conveyor in S-shape for optimal loading and unloading.  This particular unit is equipped with carriers.  Effective width 2000 mm.  Total length 18500 mm.  The good-looking platforms are built in modules, and very rigid.

bild 23
A NTM garbage truck delivering more material.  The picking-crane in the background can be used to remove unwanted objects.
bild 24
The acceleration-conveyors are built in modules, which makes them tight. Made of one single sheet of bent sheet iron.  A ventilation hood at each transfer station reduces dust and smell-problems..
bild 25
The acceleration-conveyors separate the household waste bags from each other.  This increases the exactness of the optical sorting.

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